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Casino blackjack scam

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Real Life Scam: Bartenders.

Then they made an instantaneous decision as to which cards to switch, and followed through. If a fifth or sixth card is drawn to the hand, the dealer is asked to expose the cards the same casino blackjack scam. I timed my glance at them so it would pick up their move without lingering. Does this mean you, as the legitimate player I hope! Then finally, not being able to take it anymore, I returned to the pub on a busy Saturday night. So the bartender was in on it as well.

Casino Black Jack Scam. Error: You have to enable JavaScript in order to play this video. code Embed. Они также являются авторами книги “The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book”. William Hill Casino. Играть. While card counting might be legal, many have gone well beyond the line and attempted high stakes scams to rip off casinos while playing blackjack and other casino games.


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